Crowd Funding…
With a Twist

As a beer rep I’ve been lucky enough to see the ups and downs of the brewing industry. And it’s always been my ambition to “design” my own beer in every aspect, from the logo right up to the recipe. You see, before my beer-career began I also worked creatively in advertising and design.

Unfortunately I can’t put life or time on hold to master the art of brewing like so many skilled commercial and home brewers I envy. But I can collaborate with a brewer who shares my interest in doing things differently and developing fun yet challenging beers. And that brewer is Rossa O’Neill. You can suss him out here (click). By collaborating this way, we want to bring together an exciting and solid gypsy-brewing project using the sum of our industry and brewing experiences. (“Gypsy-brewing” for those non beer geeks among us is when you don’t have a brewery, but instead rent someone else’s to brew the beer yourself).

But here’s the twist. It looks like I’ve just enough saved up for a starter batch but ideally we need a handful of brews on the go! I’ve always dreamt of a community-lead label and this is partly where the idea for New Ireland stems from. The goal is to have a rotational range that evolves depending on what our “community” wants. A handful of labels may become “core beers” over time to satisfy demand for ongoing trade customers, but the principle remains the same – if a batch is elected through crowd funding, then when it’s sold through, it’ll be time to vote on that batch again. Supporters of New Ireland will decide what we brew each and every time once an initial beer batch has been funded by them. Think of it as Beer Democracy!

Honestly speaking, for me crowd-funding should be something inclusive and not just a token gift.. or a simple retweet of thanks. If people are supporting an idea then they should be rewarded with something more inclusive. That’s why I’m giving a “Vote for Life” in return for a simple donation. Don’t get me wrong, T-Shirts are great! But we need a beer to celebrate with first!

A vote for life is like putting on an old record, or pulling out a comic-book time and time again. It’s something personal. And in this case, something meaningful that will influence what gets done in a lasting way. It gives those offering support a real responsibility and connection. A chance to always have a say and input.

And it’s yours and yours alone, for as long as we brew.

Please support us.

Many thanks, Dean.

(For guidelines on how donations will be used please click “Here” or fire a question over to @newirelandbeers )