New Year, New Ireland Beer!

Time’s up! Let’s keep this simple.

Since November one thing’s become clear – a lot of people are genuinely supportive and want to see beer! Over the past two months there’s been a surge of interest with donations coming off line as well, meaning we’re in position to start at least one batch of beer.

This time has also been spent talking to numerous brewery contacts to assess our options and we expect to formally agree within a few days where we intend to spend our brew-day! Unfortunately, flexibility is limited to each brewery’s batch ability, and at the level of funding we’re at we’re limited to the number of labels we can brew. It’s looking like our first brew will have to be a full 20hl batch, meaning we’ll be starting with only the clear favourite beer.

However, there are still a lot of people saying they would prefer to see and try a beer first before offering support, so this seems to be the natural way “going forward” of generating support and awareness for the idea of the continuous beer vote!

I’m also aware from feedback that some people are intimidated by the process of voting online and donating, as it is a two-step process and needs a degree of time and effort, hence why a lot of people have approached me off line in person, brown-envelope style, as is the way in Old Ireland! So over time we’ll look at stream-lining the website voting process to make it as easy as possible. We’ll also sort out a fund-raising event with the first beer which will give some of you on the side-lines something more tangible to consider (more about that soon!). And why all this effort? Well one beer isn’t enough! And for the next batch I’m already working on a few more labels to add to the voting selection!

Yes, we’re coming at you in a slightly unconventional way, but one has to start somewhere and it’s tough at the bottom!

A whopping great thanks to all of you who have shown savage interest thus far and offered donations and support enough to kick things off.

It’s time to get a bar code folks! Stay tuned!





Progress So Far!

Well folks, it’s 6 weeks in and time for an update!

Initially when I started this process I had no idea how things would work out. Yet no matter what way things go it’s important to keep supporters updated and informed.

And that’s why I’m honestly proud to say our batch is now at 20% funded, or 1,026 euro in old Irish money! This figure is based on an estimate of needing 5,000 euro to successfully brew a batch of beer, regardless of the style or ingredients involved.

So where does this put us? Firstly, a mahoosive thanks to all those who have contributed to the venture thus far. The feedback has been fantastic. There are regular donations coming, but unfortunately the rate has slowed considerably. Ideally, I had intended to push more in recent weeks but juggling so much has delayed me in spreading the word. And this is key to it. With such an unusual concept and approach, getting word out alone is a battle and a difficult process. So in the coming weeks I’ll be looking to push harder and see can we get more interest and support. My feeling is, at 20% funded it’s definitely worth continuing as I’ve seen genuine interest and support from people. So to aid in this goal I’m devising a “Double Up Deal” to help spread the word!

It’s basically a referral scheme whereby anyone donating who tags or refers an existing supporter will result in both their Votes being doubled! And I’ll increase awareness of this through the facebook page, so all shares and so on are truly welcomed!

I’m also putting forward a sample for every 7euro donated thus far from each supporter, redeemable on the first batch, or any subsequent batch you decide (previously all Support Packs gave a single sample plus multiplied votes).

By December 31st I’ll see what our balance is and decide if it’s enough to brew with. If it is, then that batch will forever be in the hands of it’s supporters. If it’s not, I’ll ask those contributors if they wish to have (1) a refund, or (2) have their donations returned to them in actual beer at retail value at a later date, all be it a beer which will not have been voted for and their votes will unfortunately be null and void thereafter. There is of course (3) the option to continue the effort if the amount raised increases considerably, but it will be something I’ll ask each and every contributor. Rest assured, as Ted would say, that money is only resting in my account!

Many thanks, or as they say in New Ireland, Katanga!