How It Works!!!

It’s simple! If you believe in a New Ireland and you’ve bought one of our delicious beers, then we want you to choose our next brew! Simply scan the QR code on your can, or on the tap badge where you bought your pint… (Or just follow this link even though you haven’t actually bought something you cheapskate!) and click “Vote Now” 5 times on any of the beer concepts we have! It can be 5 votes on the same beer. It can be 5 votes across a number of beers! It can even be a vote to retain the same beer you have in your hand right now! We don’t care! Because that’s what Beer Democracy is all about in New Ireland.

Once you cast your 5 votes, simply “proceed to checkout” like a normal shopping cart, enter your details and we’ll pop you in our draw for a chance to win a case of the next winning beer we brew meaning you’ll be the first top review it too!

Don’t worry, there’s no catch, this is entirely free but we need you to register your vote and prove you’re over 18 and resident in Old Ireland to enter the prize draw. For overseas supporters, please vote anyway and as we build up our resources we’ll do an international draw of some sort in the future and get you involved too.

If you are one of our founding supporters who helped us launch “Savage” last year, then you will receive a far greater number of votes and a bigger chance to influence the outcome of our leaderboard.

We plan to do this every 4 months at least! And each time we go to the polls, we’ll do our prize draw again. So what are you waiting for! Get voting now!


Founding Members

As a founding member of New Ireland, you have already donated and helped us brew our first beer “Savage”!

And while we have changed our system we have not changed our promise – a Vote for Life in What We Brew! Lots of votes to be precise. In due course we will prioritise our members as much as possible and as soon as our purse strings allow it!

If we launch our new “Beer Judging” nights, members will be given priority on places at any dinner events, and ensured priority placements on any tap takeover kegs.

And when it comes to our quarterly vote on what we brew, our new “5 Votes” system offered to New Ireland drinkers to encourage them to take up the cause and vote for change, will be added to your already existing vote tally.

If anyone wants to become a member, this is something we will soon develop and strengthen. Donations are always welcome and help us get our beers brewed quicker and develop our range over time. More on this coming soon folks 😉