Title: Bailout Blonde

Style: Belgian Blond Ale

Target ABV: 6%

As was the case with old Ireland, unfortunately there may be an occasional bailout required if a New Ireland is to be realised too!

For those embarking by sea we recommend bringing as many buckets as possible, and while we’ve as yet to secure interest from low-fairs airlines, given the lack of airports for landing, it’s advisable to pack a parachute.

No bailout would be complete without German involvement however, so we’re throwing in buckets of aromatic German hops including Hallertau and Mandarina Bavaria! And as a nod to Brussels we’ll make it a Belgian blonde ale, with an addition of orange to compliment that spicy Belgian yeast.

Together, Germany, Ireland and Belgium coalesce in this medium bodied ale, with light fruity esters and a soft, light bitterness in the finish.