Title: Banana Republik

Style: Hopfen Weisse

Target ABV: 5%

While the term Banana Republic is more synonymous with political corruption and oligarchic power, if old Ireland wasn’t bananas enough for you, there’s certainly more of that in the new world!

Except, being more nutritious and tasty than a bowl of shamrock, bananas will now at least offer something to trade and sustain ourselves with.

Given that our Musket Island was once in the hands of zee Germans and formerly known as Neu-Mecklenburg, we thought a hoppy weisse beer was on the cards. Already brimming with naturally occurring banana aroma, the result of German yeast, the hops will be American and citrusy – cascade and Amarillo, and lots of them! And true to the name, we’ll mash in a boat load of bananas to top it off!

Altogether a hoppy aromatic weisse beer, effervescent with a citrus bite, medium bodied and richly flavoured with additional bananas – contrasted by some bready malt character and a medium bitter finish.