Title: Cult Classic

Style: West Coast IPA

Target ABV: 6%

Cargo Cults are a thing in Pacific islands.

They’ll worship anything over there, much like over here!

Air drop a basket of life vests, rubber toys or ammunition at just the right time and you’ve got them hooked for life!

Not unlike beer geeks, who let’s face it, have worshipped at the altar of IPA since it dropped out of nowhere in America sometime in the 80s!

True to classic American IPA, we’ve opted for classic American hops, Centennial and Amarillo, and with some modern favourites too – Denali. Pale, Crystal and Munich malts for base support.

The combined expected result is a full-bodied India Ale in the spirit of West Coast IPAs. Softer than usual bitterness to be fair, with lots of late hopping and careful balance between hops and malt.