Title: Fantasy Island

Style: Strong Golden Ale

Target ABV: 7.5%

Imagine an Ireland where people can be who they want to be! A land where colour doesn’t matter, unless you’ve forgotten the factor 50!

A place without prejudice or social conformity, where men can be men, or women, or women with women, or men and, or vice versa!

A sun-soaked utopia where common sense is valued more than a family car! A New Ireland where you, the people, decide your future for real!

And now get back to work, or your cold wet seat on the bus, or your pizza stained sofa.

…. but, to relieve the pain, the pain, yes boss, the pain… of Old Ireland, each and every New Irelander should hold in their hand a symbol of their newly discovered fantasy island. So we intend to brew the pina colada of beer!

Fruit additions? Obviously coconut and pineapple! And naturally, we’re adding an element of Rum… be it extract or, ideally we’d like to age this one in Rum casks. (Maybe… we’ll do our best).

And what is it we’ll age? A whopping big Belgian style Strong Ale. Lots of fruity yeast esters and spicy aromas abound with this flavoursome heady beer. And imagine that with coconut, pineapple and aged in rum casks or with additional rum extract depending on what we can arrange! Either way it’s getting a rum kick to it. Boss!