Title: Filibuster

Style: American Wheat Ale

Target ABV: 4%

In our quest for revolution through peaceful exodus to New Ireland, we must not think of ourselves as political pirates!

True, we are invading a foreign soil, disrupting a way of life. But in typical Irish tradition, we’re really just visiting for a few nights. Honestly. Think of it as forced tourism!

Okay, yes we really want to play pirates.

Few associate pirates with the American political system, but there ya go! The original pirates were paid mercenaries, sent forth to disrupt countries by pillaging and warring against foreign sea-going vessels and ports. This expression of “filibustering” would later be adopted into American politics as a way of blocking opposing parties!

Also adopted by Americans were German wheat beers, brewed using regular ale yeast. So what better way to celebrate our pirating invasi…. err, expedition, than a soft and fruity wheat ale!

American hops prevail offering bright citrus character and warm fruit flavours, balanced by soft malt texture and a light bitter finish.