Title: Going Forward

Style: American Porter

Target ABV: 7%

Pacific islands are littered with the remains of long forgotten and ancient cultures!

These once great societies, mislead by tribal chiefs intoxicated by power became preoccupied with self glory and greed, squandering their precious resources and dooming themselves to a fragile bubble-like existence!

Now, only statues remain to remind us of these boom or bust tribes, one time fine, but now lay failed, while hazardous salty gales erode their now bleak foundations ever more!

Porter has often been the chosen tipple of leading boom or bust statesmen, but we must look to the future and avoid the mistakes of the past.

We need a robust, hop-forward porter, aromatically layered with rich bready and toasty malt character; pale, black, brown, crystal and chocolate malts blend in a medium bodied, rich and fruity beer.