Title: Head Hunter

Style: Session Ale

Target ABV:

Papua New Guinea is famous for many things. Wildlife, tropical rainforests, David Attenborough, exotic birds.

Oh and cannibalistic tribes.

To celebrate, or rather warn future New Irelanders of this minor health and safety issue, we’re “head-hunting” amateur brewers throughout old Ireland (or anywhere in the world provided they can manage the entry process) to enter a competition to brew the next New Ireland “Head Hunter”! We’ll brew a batch ourselves as a benchmark beer and also, as an advertising post for others to enter, thus inviting applicants to put forward their idea for our next batch. The entries will be judged by official BJCP Judge Rossa O’Neill & accredited Beer Sommelier Dean Clarke, and the final elected beer will be the entry which best represents brewing in a New Ireland!

Your donation for this label is automatically considered your entry fee as well! If you don’t donate but want to enter later, then a simple purchase of the beer bottle (if brewed) will be your application fee later on. You can of course log on and donate a vote after our State Beer batch starts brewing! We will however limit the production of Head Hunter to 1 batch a year due to the logistical constraints of running a beer judging process.

Once the first State batch (if elected) has been brewed by brother Rossa, we’ll then announce details to begin choosing the next guest brewer. After that, this beer concept will be frozen until the next calendar year and we will all cast our votes again for one of the other beer concepts we have.

To kick us off, Brother Rossa intends brewing a Blood-Red IPA using blood oranges and as many new world tropical hops as we can scrounge! If you’ve got an idea for something terrifyingly good to be the next Head Hunter, get working on that recipe and vote for this one now.