Title: Mickey Dazzler

Style: Strong Dark Rye / Brown Ale

Target ABV: 6%

The “koteka”, or penis sheath is a practical and ornamental gourd warn by native, obviously male inhabitants to cover and protect their genitalia, while also phallicly enhancing their prowess.

In similar fashion to Dublin spivs seen preening themselves with hair cream, and more recently fake tan, these ethnic lads have become the literal embodiment of what old Dubs call, a Mickey Dazzler!

Given the need to integrate, the threat of snake bites, the excessive heat and potential for chaffing, we encourage male New Irelanders to adopt a similar approach! As seen by Bottler here.

While the traditional gourds used by Papa New Guinea tribesmen commonly come from the Squash family Lagenaria Siceraria, known also as Opo or New Guinea Bean, we’ve opted for more locally available Squash varieties! If in time we find we can actually source gourds form Papua New Guinea, or similar, then we will endeavour to replicate the local ingredients as close as possible.

So to that end, we’re looking at a Strong English Ale style or American Brown.

At least 6%, with oodles of warming, dark fruit and rich squash flavours and also malt-forward like an Autumn ale. We’re adding Rye for added complexity and richness. Expect a full on flavour experience and balance between rich spice and dark malts.