Title: Minted

Style: Hazelnut Imperial Chocolate Mint Stout

Target ABV: 9%

Green shields, moolah, wonga! It’s unclear as yet as to whether the indigenous tribes of New Ireland have or even use a currency, but one thing’s for sure, every free state has to have its own money to be taken seriously!

As we intend New Ireland to be a tax free zone, we will naturally encourage mostly bartering and back scratching for starters, but on occasion we may need something a bit more substantial.

Hence the fancy gold and silver doubloon chocolate coin-efforts depicted here.

Beer has traditionally been a reliable source of revenue in Old Ireland, and we’re well used to plain old stout. So much so that in New Ireland, we expect a little more. A lot more in fact. A strong, flavourful, richly layered stout, smooth and luxurious. Hazelnut texture, cocoa and chocolate nibs blended with roasted and chocolate malt, delivering a complex flavour, balanced by a sharp and fresh minty finish.