Title: Savage

Style: New Ireland Pale Ale

Target ABV: 4.4%

By definition in old Ireland, if something’s savage, it’s because it’s indescribably good.

That’s what we expect here – a juicy, hoppy session pale ale, all whirlpool additions and similar in softness to New England IPA. For malts we’re looking at Pale, Carapils, Caramunich and oats, while on the hop front we’re aiming for Equinox, El Dorado or Yellow Sub.

We’re expecting a medium bodied ale, bursting with tropical fruit character and hop juice. Highly aromatic with a dry, medium bitter finish.

We also expect we’ll endure life threatening challenges in this hopeful new world, not least of which are the local inhabitants, who are in fact savages. And yet if we are to successfully integrate ourselves and thrive in this new land, we must love our primitive side.

So, embrace a Savage today!