Title: Survivor

Style: Tea-infused Saison

Target ABV: 5.5%

New Irelanders are a generation of survivors.

You’ve begged, borrowed and scraped to get to where you are now and you welcome the challenge of whatever lies ahead as a risk worth taking!

Forage your way forward with us and welcome new and wild taste sensations.

And when all’s said and done, during the struggle of life and death, the Irish have always kept their very own way of coping – the calming cup of tea!

While we expect to run out of black tea reserves within months, and without a cow to milk, we’ve turned to more exotic blends of tea to help us survive!

A Saison oozing lemon citrus flavour and infused with a carefully selected tea blend adding additional aromatic, perfume character and floral scents. A light, well carbonated and refreshing beverage to calm the soul. Belgian ale yeast adds spice and a touch of heat, with an addition of orange peel for complexity.