Road To New Ireland

Brothers and Sisters of Old Ireland… the road to New Ireland begins here.

Please keep up to date with “State News” for advice on our struggle to realise our vision of a New Ireland.

Our current status has us in the crowd-funding stage to build enough donations to begin brewing in New Ireland. So please, support and donate as much as you can.

By brewing beer we hope to spread word of our struggle, highlight the many challenges and dangers that face us, and prepare ourselves for exodus. Each one of us can hold a symbol of New Ireland in our hands while we wait for that final day.

We start as we mean to go on, by offering every member of our community a say in our future.

We beseech you to make a donation to our cause. In return, we will give you the right to vote on what we brew. Forever. The more you donate, the more powerful a voter you will be. And each time we brew, you are invited to cast that vote again. It is you that decide our fate.

We will endeavour to add and expand our brews over time. And if possible, we one day aim to build a loyalty scheme for our beloved followers. But for now, we offer a simple vote for life, in return for a donation to help us brew beer in New Ireland.

Until then, stay tuned to State News for updates on official launches, tastings, press releases and developments.




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