New Ireland Beers, is a creative collaboration between two beer guys from opposite sides of the Irish brewing scene: New Irelander Dean Clarke, an accredited (IBD) Beer Sommelier and a full time sales and marketing rep selling and promoting beer across Ireland for nearly a decade. And Rossa O’Neill, an avid home-brewer and brewing consultant involved in part-time commercial brewing projects, BJCP Judge and former President of the National Homebrew Club of Ireland.

Rossa O’Neill

Maker of music and dreamer of dreams.

Brewing for over 10 years with a passion for new ingredients, fresh slants on the classic styles and always pushing the boundaries.

Had my first commercial brew in 2011 upon winning the “Troublemaker” competition. Experiences winning numerous homebrew competitions, national medals and being awarded Best Brewer at the 2015 National Brewing Championship has given me the confidence to dream big and brew bolder beers.

Brewing challenging beers requires a hell of a lot of research, development and dreaming. Becoming a certified BJCP judge (beer judge for normal folk) and being creative became an essential part of this.

Analysing beer, developing new recipes and brewing pilot batches are the things I most enjoy.

Dean Clarke

Armchair revolutionary. Old-school photoshopper.

Been working creatively all my life. Started in computer graphics and then mostly product advertising, design, a bit of concept work. Experienced in a broad range of creative and production roles in advertising and design. From when a design brief hits the table, to showcasing the finished project.

In 2008 during the downturn, I began free-lancing in beer circles and have been a jack-of-all trades for Premier International Beers ever since.

There’s never a dull day, whether it’s studying flavours and ingredients, installing or managing a festival bar, visiting a brewery, helping customers appreciate beer and styles. Or simply tasting a beer.

I can’t not think creatively, and now I can’t not think creatively about beer.


New Ireland

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    People of New Ireland!  In an effort to protect our new found freedom and in the spirit of truth and honesty, we have created (at great expense) our own unique stamp of authenticity! Forever more where you see this badge, you can be sure that the beer you are holding has been brewed and produced […]

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