Vote Now – And help us Brew Beer in a New Ireland!


We’ve created these 16 Beer Concepts for you, the people – each one symbolic of what to expect in our newly discovered New Ireland! Meaning even in old Ireland, you the people, can hold in your hand a symbol of hope, good times and a bright and sunny Ireland as it should be! So what are you waiting for! Support us! Join us!

Scroll down and click “Vote Now” on any beer concept you see. You get 5 votes in total, to use across different beers, or all on the same beer. Or even for the beer you’re holding in your hand right now. You decide! And when you do, go to the shopping cart and checkout by entering your details and we’ll enter you into a draw to get to be the first to taste our next beer with your very own free case of the winning brew! You must be 18 or over though, and the draw is only available to residents of Old Ireland. Still though, anyone in the world is welcome to vote. Katanga!